How do you know if someone is a Programmer? (not so serious answer)

Here’s a lighthearted take on how you might know someone is a programmer:

  1. Coffee is their primary source of hydration: If they drink more coffee than water, there’s a good chance they’re a programmer. Their bloodstream might have a higher concentration of caffeine than code.
  2. Their pets are named after programming languages: Meet their cats, Java and Python, and their goldfish, HTML.
  3. They speak more languages than a United Nations interpreter: But all of them are programming languages.
  4. Their wardrobe is an array of free tech t-shirts: They’ve got enough conference and hackathon t-shirts to clothe a small village.
  5. They get more excited about a new IDE release than their own birthday: “Visual Studio Code got an update? Best day ever!”
  6. Their idea of a “night out” is a coding spree until 3 AM: Party in the front-end, business in the back-end.
  7. They use programming jokes as icebreakers: “Why do programmers prefer dark mode? Because light attracts bugs!”
  8. Their keyboard is louder than their personality: And it’s got more RGB than a Christmas tree.
  9. The only “cookies” they care about are on their computer: And they’re probably trying to figure out how to block them.
  10. Their most meaningful relationships are with their rubber duck and Stack Overflow: Because who else would listen to them talk about code all day?

Remember, this is all in good fun and a bit stereotypical – programmers come in all shapes, sizes, and coffee preferences!

Text and Image: ChatGPT 4

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