Abbreviation: LMGTFY

MGTFY (abbreviation):

Pronunciation: /ˌɛlɛmˌdʒiːˌtiːˌɛfˈwaɪ/

  1. Stands for “Let Me Google That For You,” an internet acronym used in response to a question that could have been easily answered with a simple internet search.
  2. Expresses mild exasperation at the perceived laziness or lack of resourcefulness of the individual asking the question.
  3. A satirical technique used to promote independent research and self-directed learning.

Example Sentence: When John asked what the weather would be like tomorrow, Sarah simply replied with a link and a cheeky “LMGTFY.”

Synonyms: Do your own research, look it up, DIY search

Note: It can sometimes be considered dismissive or sarcastic, so care should be taken with its usage.

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