Abbreviation: LMAAIFY

LMAAIFY (abbreviation):

Pronunciation: /ˌɛlɛmˌeɪˌaɪˌfaɪ/

  1. Stands for “Let Me Ask AI For You,” an internet acronym used in response to a question that could have been easily answered with a simple query to an artificial intelligence model, such as GPT-4 by OpenAI.
  2. An invitation or reminder to leverage the capabilities of AI for information retrieval and decision-making, particularly in situations where the query is complex or context-specific.
  3. A marker of the rising prevalence of AI as a go-to source for fast, comprehensive, and accurate answers.

Example Sentence: When Tom asked for the capital of Bhutan, instead of providing the answer directly, Mary said, “LMAAIFY,” and pointed him to her AI-powered virtual assistant.

Synonyms: Consult the AI, AI it, AI lookup

Note: Use of LMAAIFY signifies a shift from traditional search engines to AI-powered information retrieval and a growing appreciation for AI’s ability to handle nuanced queries.

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