What is Technoliberalism?

Technoliberalism is a political philosophy that blends the principles of liberalism with the advancements and potentials of technology. It focuses on leveraging technology to promote individual liberty, decentralization, responsibility, and self-awareness. Here are the key aspects of technoliberalism: Technoliberalism vs. Neoliberalism Adam Fish, in his exploration of technoliberalism, describes it as a belief that networked… Continue reading What is Technoliberalism?

Abbreviation: LMAAIFY

LMAAIFY (abbreviation): Pronunciation: /ˌɛlɛmˌeɪˌaɪˌfaɪ/ Example Sentence: When Tom asked for the capital of Bhutan, instead of providing the answer directly, Mary said, “LMAAIFY,” and pointed him to her AI-powered virtual assistant. Synonyms: Consult the AI, AI it, AI lookup Note: Use of LMAAIFY signifies a shift from traditional search engines to AI-powered information retrieval and… Continue reading Abbreviation: LMAAIFY

Let Me Ask AI For You (LMAAIFY) – The New Paradigm of Information Retrieval

In essence, LMAAIFY stands for “Let Me Ask AI For You.” This term is used in situations where someone asks a question that could easily have been answered by a simple query to an AI, such as ChatGPT developed by OpenAI or similar intelligent assistant. This is reminiscent of the previously popular internet abbreviation, LMGTFY,… Continue reading Let Me Ask AI For You (LMAAIFY) – The New Paradigm of Information Retrieval

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